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Winner! Well, nearly...

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Been a while since I put thought to datastream, so here we go.

What's been going on? Well, just got back from the Australian National Titles of Laser tag. Yes -- sport of nerds! Was good fun, and our teams came 2nd and 5th in the country (Hobart teams this is...). In addition to that, two guys from here won the pairs competition so all in all -- Tasmania came out fairly well considering we're such a small contender (one laser tag site at all if you disregard the outdoor stuff...).
As for the trip -- fun was had by all. Too much drinking, not enough sleep and my knees are still smarting from the pounding they took going up and down the ramps in the Campbelltown maze. That said, it was nice to go inter-state and get away from the usual study rigmarole -- though I must admit that I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things.

Right now, I should really be writing a small Mac application using the Quickdraw library (very similar to GDI in windows...) demonstrating DDA and Bresenham slope approximation algorithms (say, drawing line segments pixel by pixel)...however, I'm not all that enthusiastic. I think I mentioned before that I was working on a terrain renderer -- well, the base code for that is all done -- I think it's solid enough, though I'm working on making it cross platform right now (so, OpenGL FTW). I read the Parallax Occlusion mapping article on the front page a while back (after having seen it in the Direct3D samples) and I'm thinking about making a sample implementation in GLSL. This should be interesting because I've never -used- GLSL before -- only HLSL, though I think it will be fun to play with (and get working on the Mac even...).

Still, reference implementation should be forthcoming in a couple weeks (gotta catch up on the two weeks of classes I missed while I was away pwning n008s) and while I'm sure no one really reads this stuff, I'll keep the internet posted.

~Shiny, out.

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