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Hello again

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This summer I've taken some time away from programming to do other things. I've had a chance to think some things over. Over the next year, which happens to be my last year at school, I'm going to focus primarily on beefing up my art portfolio. I'll be doing lots of 3D modelling and concept art, probably at the expense of programming time. I've snagged a .name domain and started work on my portfolio website, although it hasn't been put online yet.

The graphical adventure game project that I was working on last year is undergoing a massive overhaul. It is now an open-source project called PAGE, which stands for Portable Adventure Game Engine. At this point, I've given the build system a complete overhaul. It now uses the standard unix configure/make approach with a hand-written configure script. I've also begun integrating the existing C++ code with the new system, which was in a somewhat broken state when I left it. There are also ~25,000 lines of C code which remain to be converted to C++. Needless to say, there's a lot of work left to do, but I'm pleased about the new direction that the project is going in.

The new project website is here. You can download the code and browse the repository, which currently consists of the complete build system with a tiny fraction of the C++ code.
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