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Glow progress, yes indeedily.

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Progress update today:
  • Started on the final batch of levels that will make it into the game. This requires writing. I have started consulting a professional writer and we'll see what I can get in terms of that. I'm having fun wedging items into random spots in the level, though. You guys will NEVER find half of this garbage.
  • You can now stop and restart the game properly.
  • Collision is slightly improved.
  • Large bugs in the editor are fixed.
  • Most of the "test" hardcoded code is now gone (hooray hooray) which means that the game is mostly data driven from external sources.
  • I'm screwing around with the stat bonuses; I want the dexterity and strength bonuses to be more obvious in terms of effect. I'm also considering an 'auto-normalize' function which will try to make all of your stats in harmony, as it were.

That's about it. You'll start seeing some more polished screenshots soon, as the final game comes together (e.g. the test level you guys have seen in the screenshots for the last few months is gone forever). This is really quite exciting!
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