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I'm going to this time...seriously

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Well, tomorrow I plan to make a design document for Blocky Man. I know I've said that with almost every other game project, but this time it's for reals. Mainly because I don't really know where to go from here, so I can't really program anything until I get this done.

Than again, I suppose I could code the audio portion of my game engine. That's something I meant to do way back even before I created Stompy's Revenge. I really have no urgency to do it, seeing as how I planned to add sound last(Hint: I plan to actually get a real musician this time rather than taking old game midis). Well, not that there's anything wrong with old game midis[grin]
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Feature creep has always been one of my big problems. Than again, not having the features I origionally promised is one of my bigger problems...

I think now would be a good time to get the habit of making a design document. It's good to set it out, so you know exactly what to do. I'm actually writing it right now, and it is going smoothly.

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