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Okay, so I set up VNC on my old box which was in my closet in a pile of crap for school, and is still in the closet (undisturbed) with the pile of crap for school. Well, except that there's a cable coming out of the back of it around the pile of crap for school out of the closet and into the wall. And a little USB wireless card, since the box is so old all it has is a 56k modem.

So. I can now control the box-in-the-closet remotely. Which is cool.

But I can't think of anything to do with it. I think Pouya's done with Maple, and I'm pretty ground out too. That, and (though I don't feel like going into details) Maple kill's VNC's input passing so I have to open the closet, and plug in a hardware input device whenever I open Maple. Which is bleh.

My network maximum upspeed is 12KB/s, but reasonably, its like 4KB/s. The box has a 5GB drive or something depressing like that. It does have an 800MHz AMD Duron, with 492MB RAM with a Radeon 9200. Its not completely useless. Just mostly.

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Hosting crap (non-locally) is also out the window due to bandwidth issues (12KB/s LOL)

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Put Subversion on it and use it as a source repository. That's how I'm using my 500mhz Pentium II computer with 256 mb of ram and a 6gb HD. Just put linux on that thing, and you'll have a sever. Check on it every now and then, I do see a lot of strange ip adressses attempt to log into my code box ...

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I was about to say "the OS its using isn't supported by svn server" but you said to also install linux. Hrm.

Yeah, that's definitely something to think about. I'm running a svn server on my local machine, so moving the codebase over shouldn't be too hard. I'd have moral qualms with running Linux though. Something about it is.... *shudder*.

Dunno, we'll see. I might go more along the lines of FreeBSD or something without a pretty GUI to aide people. Aww, but then I can't use VNC </3.

Hurrr. Decisions.

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