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Eventually I'll have an image of the day up show casing my bitmap font editor. I've been working at it for a week now. Soon, I will be but a shell of a man.

Obligatory screenshot:

Purty innit?

This thing is LGPL'd and free for people to use. But if you do use it in your applications, I want a copy of whatever you're doing (you don't have to send your source, binaries are fine)! :D Or at the very least let me know what you're doing with it.

Over all I'm really impressed with the new controls in WinForms 2.0. Whipping up the interface was nearly painless. Nearly. Except tonight when I was fucking with my resource files and of course I screwed something up and it removed all my menus and buttons from the tool strips. DO NOT ever overload OnLoad without wrapping your code in
if (!DesignMode) {}
I love these tool strips, so much so that I've got the company wanting to use them. There are some small issues, like the ordering of the controls in the containers can screw things up if you're trying to save/load toolbar positions. And the lack of a full control suite for the toolbars can be a tad annoying (I'd love a numeric up down control for the toolbar, no I'm not writing one). But what they do include is fantastic.

I find that generally .NET 2.0 is much more stable and more intuitive than .NET 1.1 (i.e. events don't fire on initialization whenever they feel like it). And I LOVE that all the resources can be edited easily through the project settings. Including icons/images before used to be such a hassle (well, not really, but nowhere near as easy as it is now).

My only real complaint about .NET over all is that it suffers from the 1000 hammers problem. In that, there's a thousand hammers that all do the same thing, but do it slightly different. So many features and tools and often I'm not aware that a specific tool exists to fit my needs and then I end up writing a p/Invoke to do it only to find that .NET had what I needed all along. But this is a double edged sword. It's annoying because it's so vast, but at the same time that's what makes it excellent.

Right, I'm off to breakadd new features.
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Oooh, a font editor! I've been meaning to look for a good font editor for a while, as I'd like to play around with fonts in the future. Although in my case I'd probably prefer a vector font editor than a bitmap one; bitmap fonts don't scale very well and I'm more comfortable with vector art anyway.

But still, I'd love to see what your editor can do!

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