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Recommend any books?

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Trapper Zoid


Minor update: My work plan to stay focused is not stacking up as well as I hoped. All it took was to be slightly crook for a day and a general lack of sleep and hey presto: I'm back to having the attention span of a goldfish off its Ritalin. In terms of hours spent on hobby development I seem pretty dedicated but the development bus has well and truly veered off the productivity highway and is happily zig-zagging across fields of sunflowers right now. Admittedly I'm enjoying the view as the yellow petals zip by my window and I'm vaguely heading in the right direction, but it's not exactly the most sane path to my destination.

In order to get some proper sleep for a change I think it might be best to go cold turkey on coffee for about the umpteenth time in my life. I've been trying to cut back over the last week or so, but I tend to drink coffee as a reflex action whenever I can't think straight and I think it's having a whirlpool effect on me and my sanity; an terrible vortex of coffee cups and sleep deprivation. As a consequence though I'll have to spend the next few days dealing with the withdrawl symptoms - I only switched to decaf seven hours ago and I'm starting to really feel it now. I must be a bigger addict than I thought. Or my subconscious really hates me.

Better move on though to:

The real reason for this journal entry: A Question:
I tend to order a lot of books over Amazon, but since the shipping to Australia isn't that cheap I usually wait until I have a lot of books queued up before making the purchase; that way they can come in a couple of big shipments rather than individually. I've almost got enough books now to warrant buying, but I'd feel happier with a few more in the checkout. Are there any book related to game development, art, or anything else really that you would like to recommend?
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I'm not 100% sure what your areas of interest are, but for what it's worth I can recommend a couple books on the lighter side of game development.

Check out "Game Design" (Rollings) and "Designing Virtual Worlds" (Bartle). They're both excellent and a little more than a list of "what you need to know", which I've found somewhat commonplace in books of this type. Different concepts are nicely woven together, and they are generally concise (although Bartle seems to lose his way in the 2nd half).

In the non-game arena, I recommend reading Good to Great (Collins). It's quite the inspiration for a lot of people, so if you're starting an independant game business this might be for you.

What books are on your list? Anything you'd like to recommend?

Craig "covert.c." Dore

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