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Awesome app idea

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Work on the 4e5 game is going slowly, but surely now. I've been implementing a few of the game mechanics, and it seems to work (coding-wise, not necessarily gameplay-wise).

On another note, I had an idea for an awesome app this morning.

It's an FTP tool, that allows you to drag files onto it's icon, which are then uploaded to a specific (customisable of course) ftp site. When you right click on the icon you get two extra options: download, and clear. Download would download whatever is at the ftp site to you pc (customisable path both at ftp site and local), and clear would simply clear out whatever is at the ftp. With such a simple interface, you could easily use this for basic file transfer from home to work for example.

Now someone please tell me an app like this already exists [grin]
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I like the look of the Gmail Drive shell extension :

Lets you use your gmail account to store files - and maps it to a drive on your computer. There are probably similar things for ftp (although i havent seen them) - then the 'icon' you drag to is a 'virtual drive' :)


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