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Status update

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I have been recently really busy, I apologize for not updating this website more often as i should. Mostly I been busy with real life, game programming has been at an all time low. I have a lot of fun books i want to read, but looks like i will have plane materials then ;) I am going to bonaire next saturday and will be fone for a week, in the sun and stuff like that :)

I have some interesting news though, most of you probably have heard of interplay , the company that released those good titles like baldurs gate, and Planescape torment. I am an avid Freespace 1 and 2 fan, and was interested in seeing how the license of Freespace was doing. Some of you might remember that Derek Smart someone who is quite infamous about his way of writing and flaming was interested in said license.

Some german sites were already stating he got the license well the good news is he did not get it, the bad news is Interplay is not interesting in selling the Property, nor are they going to release a new game of it. In other words, its currently on the icer sadly :(

Interplay also stated they are "not bankrupt" . Guess that is a good thing, hope they start bringing out those titles like they used to ! :) I will be posting more often, I do not have a laptop i am taking with me, but I am going to write on paper some notes on directX and C++ and basically update the C++ manual, and start working on my directX manual, as many of you know I am currently writing small guides for people to read about the programming languages so that the school I currently study at can use them :)

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Yo, Wijnand, i was looking for someone to code with me, i want to make a game engine, and then and FPS game ontop of it. The game engine doesnt have to be pro or anything but something usefull :)

I am new at C++ well i know the stuff here and there,leanig DirectX. :) Team mates motivate work for a lazy programmer like me :)17 yr old... PM me if you want to...

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