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Milestone 6 and then some.

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Time for a Tearsol update. I got a little out of sync with the milestones so this is just a general 'hows your father?' progress report.

Last milestone was excellent as usual, 80% of the checkpoints completed, I wonder if it's possible for that to be higher? Anyhow that means we now have full irc like chat functionality which is hooked into our field of view (FOV) system for area / local / zone channels, also you can chose people to talk to in a private channel by dragging their names onto a private box. It'll probably confuse the hell out of people, because at the moment you can have as many people as you want in a private channel but they don't have each other - so yeah, utter confusion ensues even if you understand the system. Anyway, thats the basic functionality for groups / guilds / friends, so not to be eaten raw [smile].

There have been a number of general graphical improvements to the client, some terrain rendering optimizations and the beginnings of a flora scattering system. All basic building features are completed - did I mention how much the building format rules?

So this milestone we have been working on a big range of things already, me and Alan initially worked on the 'live asset database' - which basically allows us to check-in completed artwork and audio with it's descriptive text, name, download priority and vital statistics and then rename the committed item to something which is 'asset service' friendly. The asset service doesn't exist yet, but we figured that was a good place to start, it has a double use because it makes a nice navigable interface, which will help with world building and scripting.

So whats in the pipeline right now? Well Stratboy61 is expanding the FOV functionality and writing some AI behaviors. Alan has just finished work on our dead reckoning code and will probably move back to graphics development. I've just got a big website update out of the way for a client, who produces our concept art in return, so I guess I better get on with making some models. Joe, Matt and Steve are all chilling out while application development catches up with the art schedule.

We're going to be doing some help wanted ads soon, mainly looking for an extra server developer for some long term commitment and also a general client developer for whatever takes their fancy. An OGL wizz would be fantastic. If anyone reading this is interested then send me a PM.

Righto, that's your lot. Here's a house and the completed paladin (we might get him colored later [smile]) Cheerio.

A simple house!

A simple Paladin?
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