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Vista sillyness

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I'm back under Vista again, trying to get up and running with D3D10. It's a slightly old build - 5365 - but it's actually installed and running, so I'll be damned if I'm going to mess about trying to install a newer build [razz]

Here's something silly - not sure whether to blame Vista or myself. If you choose "Search" from the Start Menu, it pops up an explorer-ish window, as one is used to. In the 'file' pane of the window, it says, "To start a search, type in the search box." At the top of the window are two boxes: one big, wide one on the left which says "Search" in it with a magnifying glass to the left, and one smaller one on the right which just has a magnifying glass. Guess which box I went for?

(The box on the left is Vista's address bar; when you start a new search, you go to a location called 'Search' which has a magnifying glass icon. The box on the right is the actual search box, appearing on every explorer window throughout Vista).

Oh, and pay attention to Gamefest next week. Something interesting is going to happen.
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No fair - I want to play with Vista/D3D10 again [sad]

I'm convinced that MS's idea of a "fix" to my bug is to just make sure that I don't get an error message when I try installing. Now I get a friendlier message that wont even let me try to install. Time to build a new machine I think.


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