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It Begins!

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I figured it would be advantageous to Froghaus if I were to purchase the GDNet+ subscription. So, I did.

What is Froghaus? It's a bit difficult to explain, so let me give you my best description.

I remember being a kid. I remember sitting in my backyard at home, swinging on the swingset that my dad put together for my brother and I (he bought it for us because he always wanted one as a kid). I remember using the swing at dusk, staring out at the twilight sky. Out in the creeping darkness, the stars were beginning to appear. Behind me, if I'd look, I'd see the last edge of day, fading gold in the Western sky. And there too, was home: a place of safety and comfort, should any evil come from the darkness in front of me, there inside my house were my parents and safety.

Froghaus is about remembering childhood. It's about remembering safety, home, and a life without responsibilities and stress. At Froghaus, you've a bunch of guys who grew up on games that were actually good and actually did their jobs of transporting you to other worlds and experiences. We remember those games.

Dedicated to the belief that tomorrow will be better than today, that hope is the most priceless of all emotions, and that life is always worthwhile, Froghaus aims to rekindle our connections with our childhood memories while providing you with a window to a much more simple time.

In a world with so much pain and torment at the moment, I suppose we arrived at the right time.
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Welcome to the journals!

I had a frog house once when I was a boy. It was actually a fish tank that I kept tadpoles in. One of the tadpoles grew up to be a baby frog that I named Puffball, who lived happily in the tank for about two weeks before it disappeared.

I doubt this story is not at all relevant to you or your journal, but your first entry reminded me of Puffball [smile].

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Nice little story there, welcome to the GDNet+ crew. [smile] (erm, froghaus's story, not Trap's.)(Although your story was nice too David.)

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Original post by Ravuya
Did the tank disappear, or the frog?

Both eventually, but the frog disappeared first.

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