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Will F


So last night I was rereading the manual for Oblivion. At about 10PM I wanted to check out something I had learned from it, expecting it to take about 5 minutes. Next thing I knew I looked up and it was 5AM - wtf? My suspicions appear to have been correct, my productivity for the next couple of weeks will be close to 0.
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I haven't bought the game yet. I haven't even gone to any game stores too look longingly at the boxes, lest I succumb to the temptation. I haven't even looked on amazon for the game. I haven't even thought about buying the game yet. Ok, maybe I have thought about it a little.

About six or seven of my friends have failed out of college because of Oblivion/WoW/etc :(.

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I'm glad I don't have any serious obligations right now, or else I might be in some trouble with Oblivion.

As for WoW, i'm tempted to try it out at some point - but I had a "problem" with MUDs a few years ago. Hopefully the lessons I learnt from that experience will keep me away. [wink]

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