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Whoo! I finally got down on my knees and messed around with teh coed some. Here's a pic of what I was working on -

Its basically that texture atlas crap I was rambling on about in various places. And, yes, its using 3D textures still because I still think I can force them to do things for which they were not designed.

As you can see, there are some bugs in it. Actually, only one main bug, and one "oops, didn't think about that".

The first thing you'll notice is that some parts are getting overwritten. This is, apparently, how it handles running out of space on the texture. You're thinking "But there's plenty of space!", which is the second bug - the lower-right quad of each... quad, apparently isn't ever getting selected for use.

I've still got to iron out the kinks, but I am sure buggered. I'm happy that its finally working, if only partially. Hooray!
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Original post by Mushu
Whoo! I finally got down on my knees and messed around with teh coed.

Do realize what I first thought when reading this? Damn he's got a damn coed!

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I guess you figured out what was the broke with your texture code, huh?

And is the atlas supposed to overwrite existing textures with smaller ones?

I think I'll maybe rip off the texture atlas idea; I don't really want to hand a lot of small textures to the GPU and take paging/binding penalties. Didn't EDI have this idea already, and there was some huge flamewar over whether or not it was efficient (or was it Raduprv?)

I could probably scale and translate the texture matrix so I could use it like any other texture (with UV coordinates [0,1]). Hrmm.

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Yeah, its not that hard actually.

For me, I've got an API-generic graphics interface, and its mostly 2D stuff. So you'd just load the texture, obtain the handle, and use the handle to blit O_o, and the blits are batched and rendered all together with a single draw call.

Kind of. I'm still debating between that "draw-all-at-once" and combining that with static vertex buffers for GUI stuff. We'll see what happens :3

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