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Shader X4 and PhysX

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Jason Z


I finally received my copy of Shader X4 yesterday. It's always good to read about some of the latest advances and techniques to help you come up with more ideas. My productivity is probably going to be pretty low for the next week or so...

While trying to update my Lunar Rift code, I basically decided to leave it as it is for now. I actually made a few more optimizations in the engine as a result of my investigation, so the work was worth it - but it would really take a rewrite to get it all working correctly again [sad]

Anyways, I downloaded the Ageia PhysX SDK 2.4.4 yesterday as well. I am going to be adding support in my engine for using the PhysX system. It requires a licensing fee for commercial software, but its free for non-commercial use. I guess if I ever end up making a full blown game that the licensing fee won't be that big of an issue, and it is supported by the physx accelerators. That is actually quite a bit of functionality from a free library, so I am going to add it in...
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