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I have a cunning plan...

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I've come to the conclusion that its a lost cause getting Vista to run on my current hardware. I tried 5472 last night and it still has the same problem. I'm guessing an RC1 build will be out before the end of the month, so I'll dutifully try it but I'm not expecting anything.

What I think has happened is a misunderstanding/miscommunication with the MS developers. They keep flagging my compatability bugs as "Fixed" and I now think they mean "fixed" as in "it now wont let you even try if it wont work, thus there is no longer an actual error" whereas what I wanted for "fixed" is a "we've now changed whatever so that your hardware is compatible and it'll now install fine".

So, what with an interesting offer on the table and my general frustration at not getting any D3D10 action I think its time to consider building a new machine.

I start a new job in September and I'll be earning lots of money. I'm sure people reading this earn more, but needless to say for someone in my position it'll do nicely [grin]

I wanted to save up some money until I could afford a real powerhouse machine. My current one was top-of-the-line when I bought it 3 years ago and was an investment that paid off. I'd like to buy some good kit and see it last.

I was hoping to wait until Vista came around (Jan-Feb '07) and shook up the market before I bought anything. My cunning plan was to hope that IHV's would release new toys that'd either be a better purchase or would make existing decent purchases that much cheaper.

I was reading this page over at TomsHardware this morning that states:
LGA 775 (Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, Celeron, Core 2 Duo)
LGA775 is an excellent choice for performance enthusiasts. It will also host Intel's first quad core Kentsfield processor later this year, but a bus speed increase to 333 MHz (FSB1333) is likely, so you will need a new motherboard.
The last sentence is a bit concerning, but I'm wondering if I could get away with buying a LGA775 board and a cheap CPU and then, when "Kentsfield" comes out, I can drop the cheap CPU and put in something with a bit more grunt.

Its about this time that I wish I'd spent more time keeping upto speed on the latest hardware developments [headshake]
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Don't do it Jack! If there's anything I've learned, that would be that upgrading just doesn't work. Even if things should work, chances are they won't. So I definitely wouldn't try my luck if you just know the bus speeds will be changing.

Might be just my Dell-trauma, though [smile]

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The Core 2 Duo has a lot of grunt. It's blown the AMD64 right out of the water performance-wise, and you can have it for half the price of a comparable AMD. It's not a baby chip by any means.

Intel's new parallization dev tools have the potential to be absolutely fantastic.

If you're waiting for Vista to come out before you buy any hardware, it'll be 2035. Buy some hardware! I'm about to try running Vista on my Macbook Pro.

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Man it's such a bummer to hear that you are still having troubles with Vista (especially after the latest build, which can finally be considered useable as a day-to-day OS).

I seriously hope your luck changes for the better in future builds... :(

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Don't do it Jack!
[lol] Thanks for the warning!

The latest Intel chips seem to be pretty strong from what I've seen. Given that multithreaded software hasn't really picked up properly yet I guess the difference between dual/quad cores probably isn't that huge yet.

If you're waiting for Vista to come out before you buy any hardware, it'll be 2035. Buy some hardware!
Indeed, thats what I'm thinking. I saw some adverts in a magazine this morning for a compentant looking box at £419. Might well grab one of those - sure, bargain basement unbranded kit but it'll make for an interesting test-box if nothing else...

I seriously hope your luck changes for the better in future builds...
I'm not holding up much hope for this. Short of Intel releasing some updated drivers I dont see anything changing... Hence the hope that some newer hardware will do the job [grin]


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I haven't tested the latest Vista install, but I expect to have a similar problem. However, I'll be buying a new motherboard this week, since I finally got the Radeon X1800XT I've won (and it's PCIe, while my current MB is AGP), and I can only hope that this will help Vista install.

I agree that you shouldn't buy for upgrades. Just buy your computer and keep it. I usually buy mid-range, and they've always served me for years, too. Sure, my Athlon X2 3800+ is not the fastest thing on Earth, but if I'd bought a top of the line Athlon X2 when I bought it, it still would have lost to Core 2 Duo now. I also initially wanted to buy a new computer when Vista comes out, but when it got postponed from mid-06, I decided to just go ahead and buy.

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