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Yesterday was great for productivity. I started work on the GUI system for Manta-X. I've never done any GUI coding before so I found it quite fun. I've only got simple windows and buttons working so far, but it'll be enough for now. I got slightly side tracked when I realised I needed to load textures for some of the fonts, so today I'll write my basic texture and material managers. It's not a problem as I'll need them for later on in the game anyway. I corrected the camera crap, I still have to remove the ugly hack for billboards I have right now, but it's only a simple tweak to the scene graph, no big deal.

The path system is working ok, I still have to figure out how to correctly handle node transitions, so I guess I'll just tweak around with the PathNaviagtor a bit.

I've been playing with the new journal feature, it's really powerful if you figure out how to use it. Looks like I'm claiming my own litle corner of GameDev right here ;)

On with some coding.
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