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Wow. We're ... Popular?

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Wow, comments already. Fantastic!

In reference to the comment on Clouds... yes, I've heard of it. Now that I have BootCamp installed, I can play it on the Mac and intend to check it out.

I suppose I should introduce ourselves a little further. The team at Froghaus is comprised of Jesse (myself), Matt, and Jin. Every one of us has an appropriately Scandinavian last name for our perfectly Scandinavian enclave of ... Minnesota. We're based in St. Cloud, Matt and I attend St. Cloud State University.

Matt is the Lead Artist of the group, deciding a lot of the art direction and coming up with our art development pipeline. He's the only degree-holding member, having an Associates in Graphic Design.

Jin is an Artist, working with Matt to develop the art assets for our projects. Formerly a student at The U (U of MN for those not "in" with the lingo). Jin used to work with me on a previously completed project and joined me with the new venture.

I am a Designer/Producer/Whatever-the-hell-else-is-needed-of-me. I create level layouts, gameplay designs, story outlines, characters, mathematical formulas, and a wicked good cheesecake.

Our first game as a team is Asparagus. What is it? Imagine what would happen if Descartes designed a game and the only games he'd previously played were Earthbound and old point-and-click adventure games. That's about the best way I can describe it.

The game is being made to hearken to our old school roots. 320 x 240 2D graphics are the order of the day. It's really shaping up well and we're looking forward to being able to show everyone what we're working on.
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It's always nice to see another Mac developer kicking around. Please let me know if you need anything, including porting.

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Wow, your game sounds incredibly intriguing and like me you also like cheesecake. I'll be eagerly waiting to see more about Asparagus!

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I notice you didn't actually mention programming there. Are you using authorware solutions, or modding existing games, or are you also doing programming, or what?

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Welcome to GDNet+.

I've been watching the Froghaus website for updates for awhile, I'm excited to see what you guys come with. Keep us posted!

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