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So, I realized that I hadn't really tried out any font outlines other than 1 pixel. So I bumped it up to 4 pixels:

At first I thought, that's horrible. But now I think it's kind of a neat effect. I don't know. It's due to the way that I'm drawing the outline, it's a very quick and dirty method of just writing the same image in slightly different locations. Personally, I don't know that I like the idea of an outline larger than 1 pixel anyway. But I'm torn on doing it 'properly' or leaving it as is with the neato effect. Suggestions?


So I changed the code, this looks more... 'correct'. It's still not perfect, but it'll have to do because if I keep hacking at this I'll never finish. On the down side: with 4 pixel wide borders it's slowed down quite a bit :(.
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try that with vastly bigger font, say 30pt, outlined fonts(more than 1px border) are very likely to be a larger font size.

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Yeah, I just tried it with a 36pt font, a 2 pixel outline makes a big difference. You don't see too many fonts of that size in games though, but I'm sure they come up once in a while. In this regard, the multiple pixel outline works rather well. Thanks for the suggestion.

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