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So, way back when HopeDagger showed us his awesome logging system (too lazy to get a link to the post) I decided that I had to have one like it. Because... omg, its just so awesome!

Its quite a hack, but it works pretty well. I went through the texture atlas code and added little quirky log messages everywhere to debug the stuff. I was quite surprised to be greeted with this message at one point while re-running the application:

ERROR: Quadtree appears to be corrupted.

This made me lol, because wtf kind of error message is that? It "appears" to be corrupted, okay. So I go into the code to see where I put this message, and right above it -

// none of the children are large enough? Should never happen.

LOL. Okay, so something is borked. The problem is kind of complicated to explain, but essentially when a quad was broken up and had all its pieces filled, it would "lie" about how much space it had left. Wasn't that hard to fix though :3

But yeah. Thanks for the awesome idea, HopeDagger! <3
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Well, I made it so I can switch out the output streams. I, uh, didn't get around to writing a special XML/HTML one yet ;_; (though I should, shouldn't I?)

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