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Sad Panda

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A while back I got bored and decided to develop a CLR compliant version of the C++ standard containers library in C#. In particular, I wanted to see if I could get iterators working. So far, my success has been rather promising. I've got Vector and List working, with a rudimentary Set implementation, and my experiments with generic algorithms have proven mostly successful. The biggest hurdle I think I have left to overcome is how to specialize algorithms for specific types of iterators. Haven't had any inspirations on that front in a while, so I fear it might not happen.

However, then my harddrive died, and I got pushed onto my secondary harddrive, which is occupied by Linux. This itself doesn't really bother me. I dislike working on the Dark Side, but Ubuntu is relatively painless, so I just run with it. Eventually, I'll find my missing XP CD and everythign will start coming up Milhouse again.

In the meantime, I caught mono, and spent a fair amount of time figuring out how to work with the 2.0 compiler. Unfortunately, Monodevelop does not support compiling with gmcs, so I'm stuck with make. Again, not that big a deal. I figured it all out, set my project directories up in a nice tidy way, and compiled my test program. It compiled flawlessly, without so much as a warning. I then run the resulting executable.

First, I get a warning: "Implement me." Then, I get an error: "Code should not be reached. Aborting...aborted."

Superb. Apparently, mono's generic support is not quite at 100%, and my [admitedly complicated] use of them falls in the part still left to be finished. Which means I can develop my code, but not test it.


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Mono 2.0 should have complete generics support by now, according to their roadmap. Perhaps a fresher version is in CVS.

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