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Yet another project

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GB.Net is now a side project, although like I said last entry I've set a "add at least x content per day" goal for it, so it's not dead. I'm up to about 64 opcodes and I added better sprite and palette support since the last entry on it.

Anyway my new project is a 2D development studio called Sandbox(for now), a huge project. Basically it covers everything, images, sprite/tile sheets, animations, levels, scripts, and probably some stuff I haven't thought of yet. The editor is supposed to be "open" meaning that is doesn't limit itself to one way of doing things, like every 2D editor other than TileStudio. However even TileStudio has it's annoying limitations that make it impossible to do anything other than basic tile maps.

I have a lot of plans, but they don't really make much sense without screenshots(or I lack the ability to express my ideas [sad]). But I'm hoping this will become the main editing program for 2D game development.

It's only about 5 days old and I haven't had that long to work on it, plus I spent the beginning 4 days trying to implement docking windows. I'm trying to modal it after SharpDevelop.

(Clicky for big)

Here I've open up my test project "Bob"(I'm not sure why, but I always call test stuff "Bob") and I've opened up preview windows for the three images in the project. The projects form is docked to the left by default, Sonic and the PolyPaint picture are set to float(previews are float by default) and I've docked Rex to the bottom.

Also I need your help, yes you.

1) Does anyone know how to get the windows icons into an ImageList or do I have to use a resource file?

2) How the hell do I make a resource file in SharpDevelop?

3) For generic files and scripts I plan of just getting the file type icon for the TreeView. Right now I can get the icons via Drawing.Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon, but it seems to resize the larger icons and looks like shit. Anyone know of a better way?
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Looks good!

And don't worry about the "Bob" thing. I have about 8 or so folders of random stuff named "Billy" on my computer at any given time. [smile]

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Original post by HopeDagger
Looks good!


Original post by HopeDagger
I have about 8 or so folders of random stuff named "Billy" on my computer at any given time.

Maybe we should start calling them "Billy Bob"? [smile].

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