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Gundams Ahoy! a non-update

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Prinz Eugn


Ok, so for the last week I've been working on that Master-Grade(1/100 scale) Qubeley Gundam model when I get tired of drawing stuff for Sapo.


For those of you who don't know what Gundam is, it's a many-series long anime that started back in 1979, that was different from most other sci-fi anime at the time as being realistic hard sci-fi, as opposed to such series as Astro-boy, etc.

The main action involves large piloted robots fighting in space and on land over the fate of orbitting space colonies. The mobile suit combat arose because most long range sensors had been nulified by a breakthrough in particle physics.

But Gundam's aren't limited to animation; Bandai makes some really awesome model kits for the mobile suits, and building them comprises one of my main hobbies.
Tip o' the iceberg, but here we go...

The Good Stuff

So I got my Qubeley on Monday and almost immediately began painting it(I paint and detail most of the kit before building it, so I don't have to take it back apart when it's done).

This is the painted, but not assembled kit:

And here it is, all finished and chilling out.

Here's Qubeley striking a more exciting pose with my GM Custom, a fairly standard-looking Mobile suit.

Standard looking for a Mobile Suit, perhaps, but still cool:

It's actually one of my favorite ones- oh, yeah, and I need to finish refurbishing it's regular rifle...

So while I was building Qubeley, I cracked out my Zeta DVD's and watched the last 20 or so episodes, so I could see the Qubeley in action while putting it together. Well, that didn't work out too well, and due to some random factors I finished the model before the series.

I wanted to finish watching it, and while I was in the process I remembered my 1/144 HGUC Zeta model that I had left in limbo a while back for giving me grief(yellow is a bitchy color to paint).
So I ended up fully satifying my Gundam-lust by finishing it, too:

Here it is in regular form:

And here it is in the so-called Wave-Rider mode, which is basically just an airplane form it transforms into, because obviously the wind resistance in space is killer(ok, I know really know why, but that's getting into boring fan-detail territory).

A'ight, to top of a totally uneventful Saturday afternoon journal entry, my two Gundam walls:

[Edit: Fixed link]
Way too many of 'em are still in boxes due to the sad shortage of shelf space [sad]

So that's it for today, unless by some miracle I get that MiG done,

So have a nice day!
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1 word: awesometastic.

Btw, your last image's link is wrong (the image is right, but the link is wrong.)

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