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Side pro-jects.

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I think, since the Glow news won't be very exciting for awhile, that I should disclose some of the side projects I've been up to.

So here's a short list. Put on a record and listen to the scratched, warbly sound as you read my scratched, warbly ramblings.
  • Electronics hobbyism -- I'm planning on buying an Arduino board and getting to work on writing some kind of game for it with an LCD panel. Can't hurt, particularly since I can hack it in C, build it on my Mac and have it interface with Processing, one of my favourite tools. If you've gotten a little microcontroller kit and managed to write games for it, I'm interested (please leave a message if so, I want to consult alternatives). I'm debating whether to shell out for a Propeller devboard or a Spartan-3 starter kit instead of this little guy.
  • Stick Soldiers 3 -- I've been working with some other members of GDNet on this thing, and it's starting to come together. Won't you please check out the joy?
  • Pyweek 3 -- I'm going to join in on the PyWeek festivities. Such a blast!

That's all for now that's actually making progress, though I also have some other projects (Nehe revitalization, other stuff) that I've been trying to avoid as much as possible to keep from burning out.

I shouldn't stack my plate so high.
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