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I am the Procrastination King

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Trapper Zoid


I'm going to do my weekly review a day early this week, as I managed to completely ruin my week of productivity yet again. I'll try to explain the train of events to show exactly how my productivity was derailed.

The engine design started off reasonably smoothly. I started with jotting down some more ideas in my workbook. However I realised that I probably already have enough to go on with all the individual components; all I need now is to write down all the info in one place and work out how to join them all together.

The obvious approach is to move to doing diagrams to work out how each class related to each other. Doing this on paper is a bit messy, so I decided to do this electronically. Unfortunately, the only graphing program I am that was feasible was Inkscape. I think this is where all the trouble started.

It was around this time in the week that I had a slight stomach upset and didn't sleep well for a couple of days. I tend to have insomnia problems in winter anyway, so this meant I was more sleep deprived than usual. As such I was in a bit of a daze for most of the week.

Back to the diagram: given I was in a perpetual daydream I decided that the standard UML modelling for classes was a little bit too formal (and not to mention dull), so I tried modelling a diagram with little caricatures:

I like to call this style of character design "Peg People" due to their simple body shapes. I use these shapes as the framework for more detailed cartoons too.

After this point I don't know exactly what happened. I think the combination of tiredness and working on too many widely different things at once tripped something in my brain. All I know is that I went slightly crazy for a couple of days, and now my design documents appear to be less about my engine model and more about some film noir graphic novel called "Enginapolis": a story of crime, adventure, danger and romance in a event driven message passing game engine. Class diagrams tend not to look like the standard object-modelling technique but look more like this:

I was adding in extra features purely because I liked their character (for example: if you want someone "deleted" you call on Gary the "Garbage Collector"). It wasn't until the weekend that I realised that this was far too insane even by my standards, and I managed to proverbally slap some sense into me. That's also why I'm posting this here; in an attempt to convince the small part of my brain that is still thinking this is a good idea to get some damn sense for once.

I suppose for a few days diversion it was all a lot of fun and I learnt a lot about drawing shadows (and hats) but it's sure as hell not what I'm meant to be doing. It's also a bit embarrassing that I managed to somehow managed to shoehorn a massive storyline and characterisation - the very things that killed Project Jack - into my freakin' engine design. Gah - what's wrong with me?!

I figure I should stay away from using diagrams for my engine design for now. It's just too risky.
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Wow! Now I'm positive that I can do nothing to possibly earn the title of being able to get sidetracked more than you. That's astounding. The worst I've ever done is left to play Oblivion for a few days/months. [lol]

(Wonderful art, though. Your stuff just keeps getting more elegant!)

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That ... is frickin' awesome.

Sometimes, I see things and I say to myself,"I wish I'd had the wit to say that myself." This is one of those situations.

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Best update ever.

The characters look great though, if I could draw those I'd so make something in that style.

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Original post by johnhattan
I'm just trying to figure out how they can stand up straight with such big heads.

They all use the same chiropractor as Lara Croft.

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