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Shadows of the empire...

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That game was shit.


How's THAT for feature creep? I'll never finish at this rate. However, now you can have shadows. How fun! Plus you can actually set the alpha component for color values now for even more fun effects.

I wish I could do gradients as was suggested to me in the image of the day comments. But unfortunately TextRenderer.DrawText does not support brushes which are required for GDI+ to do gradients, and frankly I'm too lazy to code a solution myself.

I think it's about time I got back to the main features that I intended to add...
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It's 3 different kinds of gooey awesome now. Why? Because you can take the generated font bitmap and paste it on a larger 'atlas' image and have the font point to that instead of generating a .png file for each font.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'proper' transparency?

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Oh yeah, it's got alpha in the shadows. You can adjust the alpha and the color of the shadow as well.

I wouldn't have added shadow capability if I couldn't do that :)

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Original post by emmavartdal
alpha :) instead of just being transparent over the current background image.

There's alpha in use all over the place on this thing. All the cool people use it, and I just wish I were cool too.

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