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New Direction

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Stephen R


I love these new headers and footers. I scavanged the design for them from evolutional and tanczos. It not a scratch on evolutional's but maybe I'll be able to improve it.

After I posted last night I packaged up Raw and posted it on my site. There is a link to it up on my header. I decided there was no reason to just throw away all the work I did on the game. Who knows, maybe someone will enjoy playing the game. I didn't post it on the GDS though because I don't really think that it is good enough, but if you think you're interested just pop over and check it out.

I spent a long time mulling over yesterdays happenings and my initial reactions. I looked back over my plans for Sheep Pie, vague as they were. The game was really too complicated to program for someone who had never made a real 3d game before. But I had made good progress with the terrain renderer, so there's no point in letting it go to waste. I'm going to make a smaller game first, to get to grips with 3d programming. I want to make a small tank game. It will be 3d person isometric. I'm taking the original battlezone - not activision's one, the real original - and the tank scenes from tron as influence. It'll be fast action with one shot kills, look as if its wire-frame, and take place over a variety of different level types. I envision open area levels like the origial battlezone, mazes like tron and urban environments. I will work on the design doc some and then see what comes of it. The environments will be pretty regular and easier to program. I dislike putting a project to the side but I feel that I need the experience before I can take it on successfully.
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