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Yay. I have support for importing Angelcode's BM font format, as well as export support for Mudge's .xml/.mudge font files.

The angelcode import is kind of limited though. I don't use the texture associated with the file (except to get image dimensions, I think... or was that Mudge?), as I generate the font as a file is loaded, this allows all files imported to receive the effects like shadowing and outlining without having to worry about a previously loaded bitmap. The BM font import is limited to the XML output of the format. I'm honestly in no mood to write a friggin' text parser to read their other format. This is a minor thing I'm sure. I have no export ability for the BM fonts due to the fact that their image packing is beyond my comprehension (it looks pretty efficient, I bow before Angelcode), nor do I want to expend the time and energy trying to duplicate it (plus, I don't think the source is available to the BM font program?)

All in all this thing is coming together nicely. I only have to implement a few things and I should be done. Unfortunately they're time consuming. Joy.

I do have a question for those of you using VS 2005:
Have you ever noticed the intellisense slowing to a near crawl on particular files in your projects? This is due to the navigation bar being on. Why? How? Isn't that just fucking stupid? This is apparently a bug in the IDE with C#. Sadly, I use it often. So here's some macro code to allow enable/disable of the bar (I didn't write this, see the previous link):

Sub ToggleNavigator()
Dim properties As EnvDTE.Properties = DTE.Properties("TextEditor", "CSharp")

Dim shown As Boolean = properties.Item("ShowNavigationBar").Value

properties.Item("ShowNavigationBar").Value = Not shown
End Sub

There are other causes to the problem, but that's what fixed it for me. I hope MS comes out with hotfix in my lifetime for this. VS2005 is great, but it does have some annoying bugs here and there (not as many showstoppers as VS2003 though, trust me on that).

On a totally unrelated note:
Blind Guardian's cover of In A Gadda Da Vida is just fucking AWESOME
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I love the shadows on the last entry.

Even though I have it, I don't use VS2005, so I can't help you.

Good luck!

Also, I agree about the Blind Guardian comment.

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