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Wow. I had an AC separation roughly 2 years ago while I was training in the corps in at an instructor school. This thing still bothers me today. Slept on my shoulder last night, woke up with horrible shoulder/neck pains. Ouch...

In other news.

I finally got a build of Breakout Returns to my beta testers (that I really wanted to give them 4 days ago, but it was a pain to catch up with them) last night. I got some great feedback from them. Both of them really enjoyed the game, overall, and one of them dedicated a good portion of their time to do some hardcore testing on the game.

I worked on Breakout all day today, fending off the bug/suggestion reports that they kept passing my way. I also got some nice suggestions that helped me decide how I should make the game a bit more user friendly and I ended up implementing some advice given.

Though, with that said, I was very strict on not taking any sort of advice that made the game easier. I am very locked on about the fact that there are only 7 levels in this build of breakout and that I don't want this game to be incredibly easy. I would like the player to die a few times before they made it to final stage.

I know, I know. Hard != Fun. But, I, personally enjoy playing it, even If I get my butt kicked. ;) Though, I still haven't had time to sit down to 'seriously' play it.

I did end up removing 'Bad Blocks' from the game. I just couldn't deal with my collision detection, that I just couldn't waste anymore time trying to locate a solution. Which, is okay. It still leaves the paddle bug in the game, but, you hopefully won't catch that bug too often.

I'll go ahead and describe my problem, in case someone might this and want to reply. This is very simple collision detection, but I just can't seem to get the reaction that I want to get out of it. I'm horrible about directly relying on other people to help me through my problems, but I'll post it here to give the you the option to reply.

2 Squares. A Block, and of course, The Ball. Now, unlike the blocks, where all it requires is to know if the ball is inside of the box (poof, destroyed), I need specific reactions when it hits the top and bottom, and the left and right side of the a specific block. The block doesn't destroy, it stays there, deflecting the ball.

Though, I can't figure out how to actually know exactly what side of the box I hit. For example. The ball heading into the NW direction, hitting the right side of the block, which deflects the ball to the NE. Or from the other direction, The ball, heading into the SE direction, hitting the Left side of the block, deflecting back to the SW direction. Anything I normally figure out, becomes screwed up by the ball moving to fast.

Any help on that would be great, but definitely not necessary. It isn't a need to have feature of this release, just more of a "I want to know how to do this, what am I doing wrong!". If you feel like describing the idea over AIM, you can find me at aim marine, or over MSN at dlmcgraw at ksu dot com.

Other than that. I should be releasing Breakout Returns tomorrow night.
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