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XNA Game Studio Express

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I wasn't expecting this to go live for another few hours, but seems that the pages are now public and everyone else is talking about it, so I'm going to as well.

Tom Miller's Blog seems to suggest lots of people are talking about it. You guys can't see it, but I can see 6 different GDNet news stories awaiting approval in the queue all about this story. Seems that people are quite rightly very excited [grin]

XNA Game Studio Express/XNA Framework Announced

(also being discussed in the DirectX forum)

I found out about all this last Thursday and was really buzzing as soon as the LiveMeeting finished. Even though the final details suggest it costs $99/year to deploy to the XBox360 that's a relatively small price to pay in order to get an opportunity to start working on a top end console.

Let the fun begin!
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I almost wet myself when I saw this. Now here is dreaming that Sony and Nintendo follow suite and release something for indies.

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About, damn, time. Should be pretty wicked to see what comes out of some indies. :)

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I'm so damned excited about this!
I think I can afford $99 a year to be able to produce a game for the XBox 360. Now, I just have to be able to afford the console! ;)

Even with just the XNA GS Express, I'll be overjoyed.
Is it August 30th yet?

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