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Wow, some good luck!!!

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I got really lucky yesterday. I stayed up until 3am saturday night due to too much caffeine (I haven't drank anything caffeinate in over 2 months, so give me break[razz]) and then got up at 8:30am. How am I lucky? Raymond had stuff to do so we took the day off after noon; so I got to sit back and relax without worrying about thinking lol.

Or, I'm not so lucky. I managed to somehow get poison ivy again. I'm suspecting my mom's stupid chickens for it (since that's how I hold them. Put your arm underneath their chest and legs and they don't kick as much.)

Anyway, game development related stuff. I've been getting up at 8:30 since saturday and working on Malathedra with Raymond. I did a first pass polish on two maps saturday, filling in or fixing some dialogue and finishing up a few puzzles. I got a decent amount of scripting done on the end of part1 done yesterday. And today I'm finishing that up (plugging in the dialogue.)

I've decided that no matter what I'm finishing this 2D RPG of mine. Speaking of which, I coded up a nice little wrapper for LUA yesterday. It's not very intuitive or fancy, but the one thing that I like is that it keeps track of how many arguments a lua-C function call and returns them for each call to a GetX() function. For example:

// nIndex has a default value of 0
bool ScriptEngine::GetBool(int nIndex)
if(nIndex == 0)
nIndex = ++m_nCurrentArgument;
if(m_nCurrentArgument > m_nArgumentCount)
m_nCurrentArgument = 0;
return lua_toboolean(LuaMachine, nIndex) != 0;

Anyway, I'm rewriting 2D engine at the moment. Not my DFT stuff, just my engine stuff (so, I'm keeping my common, graphics, input, and GUI systems.)

Back to work for me.
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