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Perhaps you know I am a bboy (breakdancer - wihthin the culture breakdancer has a negative connotation). This weekend I was away doing a show for a high profile client (you certainly have heard and likely used their product), they paid for our hotel, dinner and breakfast and travel - in addition to the good pay for performing. I was fairly nervouse as it was the most major show I have ever done. Thusly, I did not in my opinion perform up to par (although the other 3 in the crew did quite well despite their opinion that they too did not do their best) but apparently this went beyond the notice of the hosts since these people were highly impressed and offered us further jobs (one of the things you train is how to catch messups and cleanly or smoothly link them into something else so it looks like you did it on purpose).

There were other acts as well, all extremely talented - magicians, singer/dancers (really hot and classy) , tricksters etc. I was most humbled to have been performing with such evidently talented people. All in all it was a fun weekend.

As a side note, in the old days lots of mathematicians used to do gymnastics - Weiserstrass and Sophus Lie come to mind - it is only a recent development that the concept of nerd came to be. I blame hollywood. I note this only because bboyin borrows alot from gymnastics. but i must emphasize that it is a dance artform.

I now return you to our regular scheduling. Some other posts will follow this - Part 3 of the essay namely. But I must go now, Bush is giving a speech. :)
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