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Ukg, so one of my routers (the DSL one) is basically burned out. I mean, I can still kind of connect to the internet, but it crashes really really easily.

Why? I'm not sure. I blame my brother's LimeWarez shit, and had a hardline talk with him about it over AIM. He said he'd uninstall that shitbox, but I'll keep a close eye on him anyway.

Hur hur, so I logged onto the neighbor's box to post this, and I went and took a peeksy at their router. My brother was already on it, of course - too bad their router doens't provide an easy way to ban only a specific MAC (it only can ban all others except a list, and I don't want to disable their internet).

Anyway, I'm still pissed about the router. And my logging code broke. But I made some bundt cakes this morning which are really yummy.

So yeah. ROUTER == B0RK.
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