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Excuse me, I requested a snake-free flight.

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This is the most recent build of Windows Glow. Please let me know if it works out well for you. Some bugs have already been fixed.

If the game crashes for you, try to post the stderr logs for me so I can take a peek, along with your computer stats.

As always, it's not exactly production software, so please don't judge me with your eyes. It's rather mean, you know.
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I played it a bit, great game but a bit hard to play with a touch pad [grin].

Nice graphics, nice game play.


The only bug I noticed is the area right after the first cut-scene will sometimes act like you were holding down the right-click button even if you aren't. It stays this way until you click again.

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Yeah, that also happens when respawning and coming out of the pause screen. It's been fixed in my active code release. Thanks for the kind words!

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Great stuff, Rav. [smile] Feedback:

  • I really really love your item descriptions. You do a great job in keeping them witty and informative.
  • Do the enemies have pathfinding? They got caught on a few wall edges.
  • The van de Graff Gun is groovy. I was under the impression (from the original screenshots) that it would be a hold-and-spew-really-fast-bolts weapon, though. If you keep this method, then having the bolts radiate from the centre would definitely be a huge visual boost.
  • Awesome gore! After I found the shotgun I really enjoyed running in and blasting eyeballs and other internals out of enemies before they had a chance to face me.
  • Having overhangs turn transparent upon player-closeness would be great. A few foes hid beneath them on me. [sad]
  • Ran smoothly and bug-free. Just how I like 'em.

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I loved it. It ran just fine the whole time. The only thing I noticed was the following at the top of my glowgame_log.txt:

Resetting game...
Apparently, MessageBox must not have ever been created
Destructing GlowGame...
Cleaning up...

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HD, they do have A*, but the runtime "path following" routine is very rarely optimal. Their default state (random wandering) is very proficient at getting them stuck in places. The Van de Graaff Chaingun is what you want for high-speed lightning spewing death. You can find this by killing a very large zombie in a level of the game I haven't made yet.

That's a bizarre logging error. I'll have to take a look at it.

Rob, what kind of machine is that? Did you turn shaders off and Slow PC mode on?

I'm glad stuff is generally going well; Glow's a pretty high-spec game because I can't write shaders or RTT worth shit.

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Murder simulator run good.

Only thing I really noticed that you'd call a bug: I could walk into the black areas sometimes.

Regardless, I did enjoy the merciless slaughter-killing-murder. Good job.

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Cool game, hope development continues to go well. I noticed a some things which I'm not sure are meant to act like they do:

I think the character moves faster diagonally than in straight lines.

If you press the move forward mouse button then the fire mouse button the character stops moving but continues firing. If you use the keys to move you can move and fire at the same time.

I thought the puffs of smoke from shots were great, as well as the sound effects. The shotgun's especially meaty [smile]. The tile music is good too, sounds like the X-COM tactical mission music crossed with the Jaws theme tune.

Good luck with the game, it's already fun to play and I'm looking forward to more of it.

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The character does move faster diagonally than in the four cardinals. It's because I still haven't bothered to fix that bug. [wink]

The mouse-down thing irritates me, and I need to sit down and fix it finally. I usually just hold down the Z key to move forward while shooting. I think I'll see if I have time tonight to suss it.

Jervin did an excellent job with the music. There are some other tracks he's working on, but I don't know how many I can include without bloating the download size. I'm hoping for a 10MB target, and I'm riding about 3.5MB in release mode.

Thanks for your compliments; the shotgun is actually replaced later on in the game with the Bonesaw, which is a gun that fires flaming shotgun shells in a 180-degree arc at over sixteen hundred rounds per minute. It's rather proficient, and may in fact be created entirely of raw, bone-laden flame broiled meat.

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