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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

While I wasn't able to get much work done today, I did manage to fix a few of the little bugs in the demo, the updated version of which is available below:

Angels 22

The bug fixes/additions are as follows:
-Fixed particles overlapping HUD
-Landing now replenishes health/ammo
-Runway lag fixed (see below)
-Added visual puffs if you get hit by a bullet
-You can't flip over on the ground anymore

Runway Lag
Here's a funny story for you guys. So while studying the comments from the demo yesterday, I noticed a lot of people were reporting lag at the start of the map, when the runway is in view. Well, I spent awhile today trying to figure out why the runway was lagging the game up so much. Turns out, that the runways are fine, it's just the fact that there were 10 over-lapping ones, all being drawn at once that was killing the framerate. Yep, a quick look at the level file showed that there were 10 runways overlapping at the same spot, which resulted in 100 extra renders, which bogged down the lower end machines. Bug hunting is fun! Now if only I can find what's causing that damn random crash bug......

Anyways, download the new version, play, and let us know what you think if you haven't already. Peace Out!
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Recommended Comments

++ definatly! It was fun, a little learning curve but besides that I definatly enjoyed it. If I could reccomend one thing I would change the terrain to match the style of the planes and buildings more. Other than that great job and keep up the good work!

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Didn't crash at all this time which makes it all the more fun [grin]. Two more things I found:

- When the smoke from the plane is drawn over the buildings it cancels out the building and you only see the plain background colour.
- SAM missiles don't destroy the buildings!

Hooray for no more runway lag!

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Damn those smoke textures....[grin] Thanks for trying the game out, I'll get to work on those bugs now.

Thanks for the comments!

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-OpenGl for rendering
-FMod for music/sound
-RakNet for networking (although I'm not sure if that will make it to the final version)
-glpng for loading images

Everything else is pretty much of my own design (ie. scripting, physics, etc).

Thanks for the comment!

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Ran really good just like before. I had it crash again. The only thing that I noticed that was the same was that I was smoking and being shot at by the set of 4 turrets (the missle launcher (SAM I believe) was already blown up this time. I wasn't pressing anything at the time (I had looked away for a second.)

This game is going to be awesome.

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Looks very nice! There's a persistant crash bug if the plane flies beyond the level (can't remember if you already know about that one), but otherwise it seemed fine for the short time I was playing with it. Not that I am any good at the game: I royally suck at any games involving jet fighters - while flying I'm terrible at figuring out where the ground is.

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Is the random crash bug the one where the screen randomly gets squares of transparent colors then a bunch of sprites turn solid white then it dies?

Until it did that, it was awesome. One I figured out how to take off... I can't imagine how hard it would be without those little red arrows.

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