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Evil Steve


Ok, I'm a lazy bastard. Not only did I go for the lazy way of getting the window Z order to work, but for text alignment I create the glyphs as if they were left aligned, then after they're created, I change the X coordinate. They're not visible anyway (I.e. not in the scene graph), so there's no penalty for screwing with the scene graph.

So, hopefully by the end of today, my font code will be done. And there's not too much else to do for the GUI stuff. So I'm likely to go off at a tangent at some point, as I always do.

I've ordered Visual C# 2005 Step by Step, since I've finally decided to learn C#. So I'm going to try and get Visual C# set up on my laptop, and I'll be doing C# stuff for a while I expect (That'll be my tangent).
The reason being, this whole XNA framework with the Xbox 360 jazz that's going on. I'd like to be able to develop console demos and things, even if it's just more stuff to go on a CV or just for giggles. And the XNA framework is C# only at present.
That, and I expect C++ to go the way C is going soonish.

So, you'll no doubt see me posting a crapload of C# questions soon enough. And probably bitching here about not being alowed to do stupid and dangerous things like you can in C++ :P
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Well I'll be interested in your C# and .Net related travels [smile]

I recommend downloading a copy of the ECMA C# spec for reference purposes. It's quite readable and can answer those fringe cases where you need a little more detail...


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Ahhh, there's the catch with this XNA stuff! I was wondering how the fuck they were going to roll a PPC compiler into VS Express.

Also, I doubt C++ will ever die, whereas C# is pushed by a large corporation. Sun said mostly the same things when Java came out, and now Sun is, well, living in a cardboard box touching itself with rats.

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I pray that C++ doesn't die, for I would have to learn Java then if I stay with GL, unless DX10 sweet talks me and I go that route then I will look at moving to C#. Whats with everyone lately want to code for X360? I have no desire to, guess its just my PC loving roots! [grin]

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