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Well, that was pretty easy. I've got scripting plugged in somewhat. I can't create maps with it quite yet, but my maps have an OnCreate() function and in that I can create entities using CreateEntity(this, EntityFileName);

I'm going to set it up with a OnStartUp() function that gets run when my game first opens. From there I'll create maps and such.

I also got pathfinding hacked into it. I'm still having a major problem with movement though. If I click while the object is moving and it isn't DIRECTLY on a tile, it stops moving altogether (it won't move anywhere, even if I click a different spot or a different entity and then it again.) Anyway, here's a screenshot:

The cool part is because of the way I setup my pathfinding, animating and pointing the character in the right direction will be easy. When I was doing my testing I added a value named m_nDirectionFromParent so that I could draw the little pointers (to tell where exactly he was going.) All I have to do is invert the direction and I have my animation (which is also easy because I have GetOppositeDirection().) Being prepared FTW!

Anyway, hopefully when I update later I'll have events all set up.

Also, if you want to check out my HtmlLog code, look at my last entry.
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