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So, my computer works, I'm as yet to sort out the RMA on my ram but his is a minor point.

However, as I'm still slumbing it in Win2K right now I've not got my dev system back up and running yet so I'm kinda stalled there. I decided to go for the job I mentioned a few weeks back, not heard anything yet but I'm informed the guy who laughts looks at CVs was away for two weeks so I'm not expecting anything as yet.

Hardware is new and shiney, I've been playing Prey the last couple of days and its nice to be able to go to a fun rez and crank all thw details to high and not have the FPS die on you... I do think Win2K has some 'issues' however with my card as every now and then VPU recovery kicks in, however shockingly it works so I can keep on gaming once it sorts it's self out [grin]

Once I get my dev system sorted out I've got a couple of things I wanna do.. one is a demo type thing basically using music to dynamically generate stuff (visuals, geometry, pathing) based on FFTs of the sample stream... the idea has just come to me while listening to 'On' by Aphex Twin, so it could be intresting.. I'm wondering if there is anyway I can feed the sample data into the GPU and have it do the crunching for me to produce the geometry.. this would work well/better if ATI supported the PBO extension but meh, a read back is a minor hit I guess.. (it's a mystery as to why they don't, as they have been demoing Uberbuffers stuff for ages and part of that was kinda PBO like).

As good ideas go however that one will have to wait as I need to finish an assignment by monday and install WinXP x64 as well before sorting my dev stuff out.

In other news, I've decided that if I do get this job a few months in I'm gonna drop the cash for an XBox360, MS's dev stuff has proven too tempting and I'd love a chance to play with the hardware.. yes, I realise this means learning C# and probably D3D as well but I'm already slowly learning one and a D3D=>OGL conversion I did a while back taught me a fair amount [smile]

The remains of this week look pretty busy;
- wednesday; work and possible film watchage around a friends house (well, her sister's, she is baby sitting and we've taken to going to the cinema on wednesday so this might be a compromise, but given I've only met her sister once she might not like the idea of a stranger in their house.. and they don't come much stranger than me [wink])
- thursday; work and then pub
- friday; work and then GD.Net London meet... which is currently looking bad location wise as the place we wanted to go is all booked up [sad]

Tonight however, having played Prey for a bit I'm gonna go watch some TV and let this idea I've had wander about my brain... I'm sure the ATI SDK has something todo with using the GPU to do audio stuff in it now I think about it.. hmmm, I'll look at that first then go watch TV/films [grin]
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What the hell, I check out DX and now you. What have I done. I came back to GL as it's so much nice IMO. Well I am glad to see your system is somewhat up and running. BTW when are we supposed to see or hear about anything regarding geometry shader support in GLSL?
Well good luck with your DX endeavour. I found mine to be less than satisfying. :)

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