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First shot of Manta-X

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The first shots from each Manta-X game always looks the same. A ship firing off a few rounds at nothing. Nothing special, but I thought I'd show off a shot to prove I'm actually doing something. I've decided to keep an archive of all shots I pull out of the game, mainly so I can see how it's progressing.

In the shot here, you see a couple of particle effects (very basic, no colour changing) and a couple of GUI elements (namely a window with a titlebar - effectively a button). The effects need tweaking somewhat - I doubt any of this is going in the final game, it's more of a test to see if stuff is working as planned.

So what next?

- Add more GUI elements
- Add game states
- Fix up path navigator for accurate node traversal
- Collision boxes & basic collisions
- Edit mode (after GUI, path and game states are working together)
- Texturing
- Much more ^_-

I like how this game works internally; it's a more advanced version of the jsInvaders core and as such it's nothing fancy, but the simplicity allows nice amounts of tweaking to be done. I'm glad I stopped thinking about engines :)
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Heh, the problem is that each of the 4 previous iterations of this game have got to this point exactly (without the GUI, that's new). I couldn't go any futher because the game internals were so badly designed it became a chore to do anything.

This one's different, I hope :/

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Awesome man... but... dark gray and dark blue menus... why does every programmer use those colors for their menus? :)

The world may never know.

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