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Holy shit, I just discovered 4chan. OMFG, that place is awesome. I spent like an hour just browsing the boards lolling around. loofles.

Why did no one tell me of this wonderful place before?
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lol, it sure is great. And I'm not sure why you haven't already gotten a rate++ from me yet, so thar you go :]

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I can't believe you didn't know about 4chan. [grin]
Every once and a while you catch 4chan lingo on Gamedev, or at least I pick up on it.

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I know! I heard the name used a month or so ago while playing SCO, and things like /b/ being thrown around, but I never knew what they meant. And now I do!

Hooray! :D

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I heard about 4chan ages ago, but never bothered to visit. After seeing this ROFLentry, I decided to take a a look and the site caused Firefox to freeze up. I doubt I'll be going back. I hold grudges with ease, you know.

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I've never really been a /b/tard, I can't get myself to like that section.
I like /d/ better, well, some of it. It seems overun with girls and guys who like guygirls. [sick]

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