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Sir Sapo


I've narrowed that crash bug down to having something to do with the firing of a missile.... vague I know, but at least it's something....

More stuff tomorrow probably.......
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Good work, it crashes consistently on mine whenever I switch secondary weapons and the aim guide comes up. Also random crashes just when firing at stuff. Seems to not like the projectiles or something, hope you can get it sorted!

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I got the crash when there's a missle falling (with the parachute thingy) and I die (which happens QUITE often)

There's something wrong with aiming. Maybe I just don't understand the aiming system and what the line is supposed to do, but wow, I can't even kill the first sentry! I always crash :\

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I get crashes when I crash into the ground the same time the default secondary missle is fired.

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Hi Sapo, sorry for not giving you any feedback, but I've played your game alot and it seems great so far, apart from the missile firing bug.

It seems to me like the bug occurs if you spam alot of missiles and you get hit by flak at the same time. I don't know if this was any help at all, but I sincerely hope so, because this is a great game! [smile]

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