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Attention musical types

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I just posted a solicitation for music-monkeys here.

If you're a music person who wants to make a couple of bucks (no, literally a couple of bucks. I'm a cheap bastard) email me.

If you know a music person send him there.

That is all.

Oh, and that was a good suggestion yesterday to make the buttons up there launch the games in a new window. The whole button-thing was an afterthought, as I really designed that panel to appear in the games after you finish 'em.

I'll have to give it a little thinking. Getting 'em to launch in a new window isn't a problem. I'll just need to make it smart enough to know when it's running by itself on a page or when it's been embedded in another Flash app.

Gimme a couple of days, and I'll do that.

Only other problem with the button-panel is that IE7 is gonna complain every time because of that friggin "embedding anything interactive in a web-page violates our patent" lawsuit. I'm getting around it at thecodezone.com via javascript, as there are well-documented workarounds. But gamedev.net blocks javascript in its content, so I don't know if there's anything clever I can do to fix it here.
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