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Internet screwed up, still can't get on the net at home. Spent weekend looking for cheap car for Mrs. Screwed about by Churchill. Dumped off a ton of stuff at oxfam.

New flat still a disaster zone, still don't have wardrobe or bed. Desktop still not setup. Flat management people screwing us around about fixing shower fitting - currently at 1.5 weeks at being held together with elastic band, 4 non-returned calls.

BT Coming on Thursday to sort out line, so may be get Internet and adsl again.

Big project due for 23rd August, so I expect I'll be pulling off hours doing that rather then anything fun like game dev.

Grandad's dog died, dads not well again, sister got engaged to some guy who works in McDonalads, and my wife is generally stressed out about people pissing us about and general anti-American sentiment she seems to come across increasingly frequently from complete strangers here in England.

Less then no money, so can't come and play with the other Gamedev.net peeps in London on the 18th. Previous landlord is being slow about giving me back about GBP700 worth of deposit.

Yeah. Things are peachy.

Perhaps the weekend after the 23rd I can do fun stuff.
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Congratulations! You only referred to yourself as "I" 3 times in that entry. That's hard to do. Give yourself a pat on the back. Hope things get better.

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