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Woof! Again.

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The offer is in. I don't have the formal paper version, but an electronic version along with a tracking number. Offered pay is a little less than expected, and title is a little more than expected. Oh, and they're requiring a drug test; which is completely assinine, but I've little leverage. I'll gladly take a little less pay to get the opportunity to actually do coding work for a living (and to get something into my bank account). All in all, better than expected even before I spent months out of work. Now to go get a SQL book, and starting working on the big list of stuff we put off buying due to income shortages :D

In other news, the event tossing containers still seem like a good idea. There's some design quirks I'd not anticipated when dealing with non-root contexts, but once circumvented can be effectively ignored. And it's not as though what they're replacing wasn't more quirky, fragile, and annoying...
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