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Random Note

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In preperation for the grand ol` birthday coming up on the 26th, I went out to the local gamestop to splurge on some games. I've been so busy the last few months that I haven't had anytime to just sit down and play some games.

I love simulation games and CivCity: Rome looked pretty interesting. I tried out the Caesar IV Demo and was just not feeling the Caesar vibe in 3D. I don't know, I may pick it up when it is on the for sell rack. Until then, I'll be tinkering around with CivCity. It did get some bad reviews on but got great reviews on IGN... It's got some horrible problems with actually "Clicking" on any sort of object and there doesn't seem to be a patch for it. The UI is an example of how NOT to design a UI. It feels Incredibly cluttered. Overall, I really like the game aside from those two issues.

Awhile ago, I had Diablo 2, but for some mysterious reason, I seem to have misplaced it. So, I bought a 'battle chest' that had Diablo 1 (which, I've never played), Diablo 2, Diablo 2 Expansion (never played), and a players guide. Pretty sweet. :)

Anyway. So far, those that I have showed Breakout to really seemed to enjoy it, which is great. If you haven't had a chance to play it, hop over to the GD Showcase to download it!

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Games are becoming socks in the wash. I shelved SimCity 4 last year shortly after I bought it and when I wanted to install it recently I couldn't find it anywhere. I tore my home office apart looking for it. My Age of Empires CD has also headed off to the Twilight Zone (though I think there may have been an alcohol related incident a few years ago with that one).

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Original post by Aldacron
Games are becoming socks in the wash.

Great way of putting it. It sure is the truth.

Original post by cmorsoft
Why don't you show the source?

At this time I have no interest in releasing the source.


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