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Intro, VB problem, OpenGL problem

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I can program, or at least attempt to program, in two languages- Visual Basic and OpenGL. My first programming language was Visual Basic, which I studied for a few years before moving on to OpenGL- which I just started about 4 months previously.

My current problem is in Visual Basic. I need to find a way to send e-mails without using Outlook Express nor an ActiveX control. I have just asked on the forum and I'll soon see if they have any suggestions. I need the solution to this so that I can add an e-mailing function to my web site, which I am currently in the middle of programming in Visual Basic (a DHTML project, eventually to be compiled into a .htm page file). These files don't seem to take up as much room as I'd thought. The reason I don't want to use ActiveX control is in the case that the user of the web site won't have the .ocx file and therefor will not be able to send the e-mail. Or will they? I've just asked on the forum. Soon find out...

My other problem is with OpenGL. I've just finished the book I was learning from and it gave me lots of source code examples of individual things you can do with the language (a chapter on sound, a chapter on quadratics etc.) and therefor when I came to the last example in the book, everything was all rolled into one project and all the code was split into separate .cpp and .h files and so I am now lost. I know how to implement sound, and I know how to implement quadratic shapes but I don't know how do it all in the same project file with the code split up. I'll just keep looking for examples of code in OpenGL that's split and hopefully I'll get the hang of it. I think I'll just carry on with my Visual Basic web page for now...
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Just incase you didn't know OpenGL isn't a programming language, it's an API designed to interface with graphics drivers and hardware.

To be honest I haven't taken a visual basic route when making online content (if you even can), but one option for sure is to write in a server side language like asp or php. This is if the server you are running supports the language.

When it comes to sound don't code it yourself, I learned the hard way. You can use a library like FMOD which may or may not have visual basic support. (From the looks of things more and more people are migrating to C#, so you may want to look in to that)

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Hi! :) Some terminology issues. OpenGL is an API, not a language. You use OpenGL's offerings through a language like C++. I do not believe OpenGL has sound capabilities. What book was this? Check nehe and the red book

Also you may consider using VB.NET, it is a much cleaner language than VB and through ASP.NET (server side scripting), Web Forms and what not you will find that not only are you using modern techniques (increasing your job fitness), everything will be much cleaner, easier to implement and more rapid. This is because many of the mistakes of the past technologies have been studied leading to microsoft refactoring its entire platform and tool chains. This revision has resulted in a much more pleasing environment to work in. Also, I think ActiveX is dead.

o n, traditional rate++ a ritual performed (albeit less and less now :( ) on newcomers begun by either Mushu or Rob loach (i think).

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Hey thanks you guys for help and welcomes :)

To give sound I actually use DirectX not OpenGL, a fact I should have pointed out. As for Visual Basic I am currently on a few projects that requires VB 6.0 to be used, so for now I am using this language also so that I don't get confused. You may notice a few mistakes in my journals- I'm still new to OpenGL and have only been using VB6 for a couple of years but please point them out if you see any :) Thanks again,


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