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Back to Paint, and School

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Prinz Eugn


Whew, my internet has been down for a few days because of the ungodly amounts of rain we've been getting(I don't think we're even considered technically a desert anymore), but I've been working, and oh, yeah, school started.

High School

Well we've started another year of the ol' escuela publica, which makes me sad, because it means my time for drawing stuff is greatly reduced.
My classes are as follows:

Calculus AB/AP
Virtual Theater Adv.
Government AP

Now, a couple of those should've triggered a 'wtf', or at least a 'pfffft.'
So let me explain: Virtual theater has nothing to do with theater, it's bascially a BS name for a screw-around gifted class with computers, which I have with Sir Sapo, so we can get some Angels 22 work done in school, which will be nice. It's a lot easier to talk about things when we can discuss something and Sapo can change it right there, and we can both decide if we should keep it or not. Actually, today we did something cool, but I'll let Sapo cover that one.

And about Walking? Well, I need a PE credit to graduate, which I've forgone because I work out after school in much more comfort than a public school weight room, so I'm taking walking, which is precisely what it sounds like; we walk. Grade is based on participation. Make-up work? Walking the track. The good news is there's this one cute german girl in it, too...

Factory Time

I've gone back to old fashioned MSPaint for some more pixel art stuff, this time completing that factory from a few entries ago. It's probably going to be used in several missions, so I made it pretty modular, so the base tiles can be rearranged to make a variety of sizes and looks. Right now it looks more like a university, but once Sir Sapo finished coding up the destructible smoke stacks, it'll look perfect, I think.

Here it is:

In this one, you can really see the 4 damage levels. Every builing in the game other than armed structures has multiple levels of destroyed, so when you bomb something once, it's not destroyed all the way, you can bomb it two more times and achieve a more destroyed look. We may eventually implement a 'flattened' state that is the same for all buildings, but I just came up with that and need to talk with Sir Sapo about it.

Well, that's it for me, goodnight
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Thats one bad ass looking factory. Poor thing is going to get to see far more action than it could have imagined. ;)

Great work


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You should add a smoke stack thing like you had in your other post to the factory.

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Thanks, I've been meaning to do more actual sprite work for Angels 22, and I have another something in the works that I'll put up next week, probably.

As for the smokestacks, they're seperate entities from the basic building tiles so they can crumble seperately(and more cool-ly), and I was just too lazy to replicate the effect for the picture above(actual in-game stuff is in a different format, hell, almost everything I show has a 'demo' stuck on the name so we don't get mixed up)

Thanks for the comments, I just spent almost 3 hours volunteering at the fair, so buenos noches!

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