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So uh...DEMO

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Well, here is the demo. Hopefully there shouldn't be any problems running it. Please leave feedback to tell me what you think, and how it can be improved.

The demo includes a small part of what will be the complete 1st level(about 1/5, to be exact). It features the CircleMan enemies, and the three normal game items.

The only problem I haven't fixed for the demo is that the enemies don't respawn when you die. I'm currently trying to find a solution to that which doesn't involve the whole level being reloaded.

Anyways, enjoy the demo!
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Recommended Comments

Thumbs up :)

Looking very nice. Always impressed by your stuff.

Some observations:

1.) When you first load into the level you fall for a while but with the way the backgrounds are it dosn't feal like you are falling...

2.) When you jump the camear moves with you automatically, this makes it so i loose sight of what is below me :( causing much death by spike pit. it would be nice if the camera only moved up/down based on a threshold. say player moves past the 3/4ths mark then start moving the camera.

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I loved it. The platforming looks like it's going to be great and everything worked really well!

Keep up the good work!

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Ran perfectly and it was quite addictive!

Only thing I found was that if a platform and the ground were at the same height and only 2 squares apart, you could run straight over the gap and wouldn't fall.

And I love how you hide the money all over the level, it reminds me of mario [grin].

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Thanks to all for trying it!

I agree that the camera needs some fixing with regards to vertical scrolling. I'm still trying to create the best method to do this. The tile collision also needs some work, so that Blocky Man can slip through a space of one tile.

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Hey, the first thing I noticed was the camera movement. That was mentioned before though, using a threshold would be good. It would make things look nice and less awkward. So if Blocky Man goes past a certain distance on the screen the camera starts to scroll in that direction. Other than that it appears to be coming along nicely. Keep working on it!

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Yep, that definetly needs work. I'm still getting used to working with vertical scrolling in a platformer, so it's going to take some time to perfect the system.

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