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musical happenings

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Music's proceeding apace. I got about five emails from my help-wanted ad in the previous entry. I'm trying to make deals to get at least some music from everyone, mainly because everyone who's contacted me so far has sent me some good demo material.

And Rick's also promised me somethng unique. I guess I'll see what I get.

Interestingly, it looks like I'll have TOO MUCH music once everything's done. Not that too much music's a problem. I can always use some music for later games. That's The Corman Way!

I'm definitely getting over my MIDI-itis. In recent times, when I hear game music that sounds like first-generation SoundBlaster FM-synthesized MIDI, I cringe. It just gave me the vibe I'd get from the old DOS games like Leisure Suit Larry. They were fun, but their music was strictly old-school.

But a couple of the submissions I like the most sound like the most silly plinky old-school stuff, straight off a NES console. I guess that kind of music just fits a game like Bulldozer better than something more grandiose.

One person mentioned music in the daily puzzles. Or, more specifically the LACK of music in the daily puzzles. I've been avoiding putting any more than the most barebones music in the puzzles (mostly just some clicks and dings and a short "you won" flourish) for two reasons:

1. It keeps the download small. The best way to bloat up a Flash applet is with music. Duck Tiles, for example is a 900k download, about 70% of which is music.

2. A lot of people play my games in cubicles (as well you should), so quiet is a good policy.

Any thoughts on music in daily puzzles?
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I vote no... considering that I find the normal sound effects to be annoying enough, and seeing as I've yet to get the volume control cookie to work (on three separate machines and two different browsers, no less), I really don't want to have to contend with music as well. I usually have my own music playing, and few things suck as bad as being in the middle of a good song and having some competing stuff pop up out of nowhere and ruin the groove.

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I've never used Flash, so I don't really know its capabilities, but if possible maybe you could have music disabled by default and load, or stream, it only when requested. This would maintain the "quiet is good" policy for the cubicle slackers (while still keeping a small download size) and enabling music for those who prefer it. Personally I'm like Apoch and generally have my own music going so I would rarely, if ever, enable it if it were an option.

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I generally play your daily puzzles at home with my own music playing, so in my case I'd find built-in music irritating. I can't speak for the rest of your userbase, but surely I'm not alone in this?

So if it were a vote I'd vote against for the same reason that embedded music in webpages is bad.

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