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CSV to HTML converter

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Sometimes, even in a non-programming job, C++ can come in handy.

I sell a system that records driver usage on forklift trucks. When you upload information from the vehicle, the rather rubbish software spits out a comma-seperated value file so it can be viewed with pretty much any software package.

I went out to the other end of the country to do some customer training on Wednesday and discovered that I was having to use a PC that didn't have Excel on it. This is actually more common than you might think, so I had to show the customer the information with Notepad, which is obviously less than ideal.

So tonight I have just finished writing (fanfare, drum roll etc) the CSV to HTML Table Converter. This fantastic piece of software reads in a CSV file and outputs an HTML file with the data in a table format. Could it get more exciting than this?

This is kind of why I've always avoided a career in programming (well, apart from the fact that I am incompetent). I suspect that apart from the elite few who actually get jobs writing games and stuff, most of the day is spent on projects like this. It would drive me up the wall.

Still, done now. I've compiled it with the digital mars compiler since I don't really understand all the legal stuff you get with Borland or VS and I have actually had Mr Bright himself confirm, via the digital mars forums, that I can use exes produced with his compiler for commercial purposes.

What an exciting life I lead. Bet you are all well jealous.
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Yes I am. But yeah it's true, programming can come in handy in the most unexpected places...

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